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Vital Research conducts applied research and program evaluation work with a specialization in survey research methods. Our areas of expertise include research and evaluation design, sampling design, stakeholder engagement and customized survey and instrument development. We work closely with our clients in establishing and identifying benchmarks and using cutting-edge data collection methods to gather information from different stakeholder groups.

We create tailored databases, conduct advanced quantitative and qualitative analysis and focus on utilization-focused reporting methods for clients to use in improving their programs.

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Evaluation Design and Research Methods

  • Define the guiding research or evaluation questions
  • Theory of Change, Theory of Action, and logic model or results framework development
  • Conduct systematic literature reviews of existing relevant research
  • Experimental and quasi-experimental research and evaluation study designs
  • Multi-site studies
  • Mixed methods studies
  • Large-scale, statewide survey research design
  • Single, in-depth case studies
  • Instrument and protocol development, including pilot and field testing
  • Psychometric testing of measurement instruments

Data Collection

  • Survey data collection using web-based, SMS text, mailed, phone and in-person group or individual administration
  • Structured and semi-structured interviews, both in-person and over the telephone
  • Observations
  • Focus groups
  • Individual assessments (e.g., learning or achievement testing)

Results Dissemination

  • Web-based dashboards for real-time data monitoring
  • Narrative reports
  • Webinars
  • Conference presentations
  • Community data walks
  • Infographics and one-pagers
  • Data briefs
  • White papers and articles
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