Harnessing the Power of Education Opportunities

All children and youth have the fundamental right to experience high quality education from cradle to career.

Education should be a pathway to success for all and a way to level the playing field for students from low-income or minority backgrounds. However, educational equity, where all students receive what they need to develop to their full potential is not a reality. Vital Research uses social science research and evaluation methods to better understand educational policies and interventions to improve opportunities for all students and their families, especially those from underserved communities. Areas of expertise across levels of education include:

  • Teacher Preparation
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Student Achievement
  • Arts Education
  • After School Programming
  • Teaching and Learning Environments
  • Student With Disabilities

 Expertise & Experience

  • Early Childhood Education

    We engage in research and evaluation aimed at ensuring all children have the support and care needed to create strong foundations for life-long learning and development. Recent experience is focused on workforce development, family engagement and parenting, inclusive education, and the quality of early education programs.

  • K-12 Education

    We implement projects related to teacher professional development, students who have a disability(ies), STEM education, and student achievement. In addition, Vital Research has substantial experience evaluating arts and arts education initiatives.

  • Post-Secondary Education

    We work with organizations that seek to increase access to and success in post-secondary education for all students through academic, arts, and psychosocial programming. We use qualitative and quantitative data collection methods to understand what drives student success and well-being and what barriers may emerge and how to mitigate them.