As 2023 comes to an end, we at Vital Research want to mark some of our biggest accomplishments over the past year. We expanded our work through new and existing partnerships and, with the dedication and hard work from our talented staff, we increased our impact in the communities we serve across the country.

  1. We Launched New Client Partnerships

    In 2023, we formed new partnerships with several organizations including the Arizona Department of Health Services, the California Cradle to Career Data System, InnovAge, and Northeast Medical Services PACE. Bringing on diverse new clients has allowed us to apply our skills to new areas, contributing to our ongoing mission to conduct research and evaluation that drives positive change.

  2. We Expanded Work with Existing Clients

    While engaging new partners, we also deepened relationships with several long-term clients. The International Rescue Committee, the National PACE Association, City of Hope, and the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing trusted us with more expansive projects, attesting to our ability to generate relevant, actionable findings. We feel grateful and proud of our work when clients return.

  3. We Advanced Internal Processes

    We constantly strive to improve our systems and processes to conduct higher quality work more efficiently. In 2023, we made major headway adopting new digital tools and programs, honing field interviewer training, standardizing protocols, and more. We also drafted materials to launch a Culturally Responsive and Equitable Evaluation toolkit in 2024.

  4. We Completed a Large Volume of Diverse Projects

    The year presented many opportunities to apply our skills, as we implemented multiple projects spanning topics from aging services to disability supports, STEM education, refugee assistance, and beyond. Our teams worked diligently to complete these initiatives on time and on budget.

  5. We Generated Impactful Results

    Most meaningfully, our 2023 projects generated insights that will directly help our clients better serve vulnerable populations. From data on supporting refugee resettlement to perspectives on dementia care, our discoveries revealed strengths as well as areas for improvement across many human services domains. We take pride in research that drives real-world impact.

As 2023 fades into the next — our 42nd year as a company — all of us at Vital Research feel immense gratitude for the partnerships, projects, and progress that made it an outstanding year. We look ahead with energy and optimism. What can we accomplish together next? Reach out anytime to start a conversation.