The new Minnesota Assisted Living Report Card is live.

The report card includes quality ratings based on the results of annual resident quality of life and family satisfaction surveys. This means anyone can learn about the opinions of residents and their families for participating facilities. Vital Research is proud to have aided in the development, testing, and administering of surveys with hundreds of assisted living communities and thousands of residents and family members across Minnesota. The report card for the entire state of Minnesota is open for public viewing:

Minnesota is one of just a handful of states in the country that surveys assisted living residents and family members statewide and shsres the results with the public. The Minnesota report card is a nation-leading tool that provides important information for potential residents and their loved ones to consider, along with other information, to find the best facility for them. Alongside detailed benchmark reports Vital Research prepares for each participating facility, assisted living providers can also use the tool to see how their ratings compare to the statewide ratings and other facility ratings.

Resident quality of life and family satisfaction in assisted living matters so much. People not only receive services and support in assisted living communities--it is where they live. It is their home. Having more information on the quality of each assisted living will help each person considering a move make the best decision based on what matters most to them.

Vital Research will continue to collect resident and family data each year to keep the data in the report card current. The project began five years ago. In 2022-2023, Vital conducted over 12,000 resident interviews in around 500 assisted livings and completed 12,000 family surveys

We want to thank the Minnesota Department of Human Services and the Minnesota Board on Aging for promoting assisted living quality and focusing on the experiences of residents and their family members. Special thanks also to the University of Minnesota School of Public Health for partnering on the development of the resident and family surveys and the development of the report card ratings. Thanks must also go to Minnesota assisted living providers for their commitment to quality and quality improvement. And of course, to Minnesota assisted living residents and their families for sharing their experiences to inform other Minnesotans and enhance assisted living quality.