Our evaluators will collaborate with your team to plan, design, and implement an evaluation that meets the unique needs of your organization. For over 30 years, we have worked closely with our clients to aid them in the implementation of their programs, determine the effectiveness of their interventions, and to help them meet grant-reporting requirements. Whether you need a formative or summative evaluation, a study of processes or outcomes, or an assessment of needs, we will conduct an evaluation that helps you answer key questions and maximizes your impact. Our experts will provide the following services:

Evaluation Design & Planning

We collaborate with you on the overall design, evaluation questions, data collection and work plans, and conceptual frameworks like logic models and theories of change.

Participatory & Inclusive Approaches

Through a participatory and collaborative approach, we design evaluations that are authentic, utilization-focused, and responsive to the diverse needs of stakeholders.

Instrument Development

We have the technical expertise to design tools customized to your specific needs, including stakeholder surveys, pre- and post-assessments, interview protocols, participant databases, and much more.

Quantitative & Qualitative Data Collection

We are well-versed in using quantitative and qualitative methods and employ mixed methods designs to uncover findings about how to improve programs as well as outcomes achieved.

Data Management & Analysis

We are skilled at both quantitative and qualitative data analysis and have expertise in numerous software applications and data visualization techniques.

Customized & Stakeholder-driven Reporting

With the intent of helping you make key decisions, we craft relevant and actionable reports that are tailored to the needs of your programs and diverse stakeholders.

Evaluation Coordination & Management

From beginning to end, our experts can work closely with you to coordinate and manage all aspects of your evaluation.

Evaluation Capacity Building & Technical Assistance

We facilitate strategic evaluation planning sessions, train your stakeholders, and create sustainable evaluation systems that help you change lives.