Our Team

Together we form a diverse team with a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds. Our staff of nearly 30 experts will work closely with you to design a project that meets your unique needs and delivers high quality results.

You can also reach staff members by sending an email using their first initial followed by their last name [@] vitalresearch.com (e.g., Jane Smith: jsmith@vitalresearch.com)

Christina Anaya

Project Assistant

Julie Anaya

Research Assistant I

Olia Bolotina

M.B.A., Project Manager

Steven Bray

Special Projects

Leslie Brock

M.A., M.A.T., Project Manager

Norma Carrillo-Van Tongeren

Senior Project Coordinator

Cathy Coddington

Ph.D., Research Associate

Adrienne Dellinger

M.P.H., Research Associate

Erin Der-McLeod

M.S.W., Project Coordinator

Diana Dominguez

Administrative Associate

Michael Fenne

Field Coordinator

Vanessa Gamboa

Information Manager

Jacob Hade

M.A., Research Assistant I

Christy Hartner

Special Projects Assistant

Gloria Kim

Project Coordinator

Janet Lee

Ph.D. Candidate, Senior Research Associate

Van Ly

M.S.W., Project Manager

Karilyn Mauerman

Research Assistant II

Nikki Mere

M.A., Research Analyst

Chris Morton

Database Developer

Andrea K. Nee

M.A., Senior Research Associate

Viviane Norris

M.S.c., Project Coordinator

Matthew Redman

Data Operations Manager

Eliot Reyes

Systems Administrator

Sarah Rodman-Alvarez

Ph.D., Research Associate

Gwen C. Uman

R.N. Ph.D., Partner Emeritus

Harold N. Urman

Ph.D., Partner

Jennifer Wang

Data Specialist

Muriel Wheatley

M.A., Director of Operations

Melissa Wiles

M.P.H., Project Coordinator