Every other year since 2007, the Ohio Department of Aging (ODA) has conducted the Resident Satisfaction Survey (RSS) across the state. All nursing facilities and residential care facilities are required to participate.

ODA contracts with Vital Research to conduct the surveys. Vital Research trains all field staff, schedules all interview dates, and provides ongoing support while interviewers are out in the field.

Survey Results
The final 2017 survey results will not be available until 2018. Preliminary facility reports will be made available throughout the fall of 2017 on a rolling basis. Access the final 2015 Resident Satisfaction Survey results here: https://ltc.ohio.gov/

Time Frame
Resident interviews will take place August through December 2017. Vital Research will be calling to schedule your community between July and November.

Have a date in mind? Give Erin Der-McLeod a call at 888-848-2555.

Facility Preparation

2 Weeks Before your Scheduled Visit: Submit your entire resident census to Vital Research here, using the template provided. Include long-term and short-term residents (e.g., intended length of stay is 30 days or less). Do not exclude residents for any reason, including length of stay, physical condition, or cognitive ability.

Would you like to know how many residents will be interviewed at your facility? View the sampling table.

1 Week Before your Visit: Let your residents know that a group of interviewers from Vital Research will be at your facility asking about their opinions and feedback regarding the care they receive. View announcement poster samples.

Day of your Visit: Submit the following lists to interviewers:

  1. Updated Short-Term Resident List
  2. Residents in Isolation
  3. Residents Whose Legal Guardian Does Not Want Them to be Interviewed

The interviewer(s) will arrive at 8:30 AM to begin interviews at 9 AM. You can facilitate the process by providing them:

After meeting your facility contact, the interviewer(s) will work independently for most of the day. If more than one interviewer is scheduled at your facility, they will periodically meet to discuss their progress. If a Quality Assurance Monitor from Vital Research is scheduled at your facility, he/she will observe interviews throughout the day and meet with interviewers individually to discuss performance.

Interviewers are required to maintain resident confidentiality, to adhere to strict policies and procedures, and to inform your facility contact when arriving and leaving. If you encounter any problems with an interviewer, please call Vital Research immediately at (888) 848-2555.