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Financial Services

When working with financial institutions, we at Vital Research gather the essential information necessary to determine the satisfaction, loyalty, and commitment of consumers to our clients’ services. Understanding consumer attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors allows our clients to be responsive to the needs of their customers and to identify opportunities for improvement. Our financial services team has all the essential tools to bring consumer data to life. These include:

  • Multiple data collection methodologies (e.g. online, offline, mail, telephone, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, etc.)
  • Surveys in multiple languages
  • Expertise in measuring satisfaction, loyalty, & commitment
  • A bank of external (consumer, member) and internal (employee) surveys
  • Real-time reporting available for all surveys
  • Advanced statistics to help guide quality improvement
  • Ability to capture information from every financial channel (e.g. branch, call center, automated response, ATM, consumer lending, mortgage lending, new account, new loan, credit card, debit card, insurance services, investment services, online banking, mobile banking, etc.)

Expert Spotlight



Harold co-founded Vital Research in 1982 because he wanted his research to make a difference in the lives of others. You will appreciate the commitment, dedication, and collaboration that go into each of his research, evaluation, and survey projects. Harold is a specialist in study design, survey development, psychometrics and statistical analysis, and large-scale data tracking and management. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Southern California with an emphasis in research methods and statistics; he has expertise in numerous statistical programming and business analytics software tools. He strives to take complex data and translate them into actionable findings that his clients can use to transform the lives of the people they serve.