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Children, Youth & Families

We will collaborate with your team to design comprehensive formative and summative process evaluations that will help improve your programs and change the lives of children, youth, and families. Our experts are particularly skilled at developing specific tools and implementing research methods that give voice to traditionally underrepresented and vulnerable stakeholders. The findings from our studies have been used to strengthen the initiatives of numerous non-profits, government agencies, and educational organizations such as:

  • Gang prevention & intervention programs
  • Financial literacy programs
  • After school & summer programs for underrepresented & at-risk youth
  • Early childhood services & pre-school programs
  • Mental health services & outreach
  • Financial assistance programs
  • Workforce development programs

Expert Spotlight


Senior Research Associate

As a Senior Research Associate, Janet has a hand in all aspects of the evaluation process – from evaluation design and implementation to the reporting and dissemination of findings. More specifically, Janet has expertise in the design of both formative and summative evaluations, instrument development, data collection and analysis, report writing, and project management. Her experience includes work with a diverse set of clients, as well as encompasses a wide range of research methods (quantitative and qualitative) as well as up-to-date evaluation theories and processes. In particular, Janet is a proponent of applying evaluative thinking and utilizing the evaluation process and findings to encourage clients to change the way they think about evaluation and consequently make a difference in their work internally and externally. Prior to joining the Vital Research team, most recently Janet worked on evaluation projects for the University of California, Los Angeles’s (UCLA) Graduate School of Education’s SRM Evaluation group. In the past, Janet also developed and conducted workshops on evaluation. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Pomona College, a Master’s in Education from Harvard University, and has completed all but her dissertation for her doctoral degree from UCLA’s Graduate School of Education.